UdSU wins tuition-free places for its International applicants!

One more time our university has been entitled to receive federal financial support for the programmes preparing international applicants for admission into Russian higher educational institutions.

Russian government annually defines the quota of tuition-free places for the international students which are distributed among budgetary educational institutions on a competitive basis. 212 universities participated in the contest for the academic year 2020/21. However, strict selection criteria prevented many institutions from winning.

Since 2017 the Udmurt State University has been confirming its competitive edge in delivering university bridging courses to international applicants. Thus, this academic year 9 students from different corners of the world, such as Bolivia, Afganistan, Vietnam, Egypt, India, and Syria are successfully mastering their preparatory courses at UdSU with the tuition fees waived.

The fact that the UdSU once again can take advantage of the state-subsidized places is one of the prerequisites for strong applications from international applicants choosing Russian universities for their degree studies.

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