UdSU commemorating the 75th anniversary of the V-day

Every year the number of people who witnessed those horrible years is declining. And giving them our attention becomes even more important. On May 6th UdSU organized 'We remember #Children-of-the-War' action in order to congratulate the teaching and administrative staff of the university who keep the memory of the war and after-war times' hardships. '#Children-of-the-War' were presented with gift tea collections.

The event was attended by the Rector Galina V. Merzlyakova, heads and representaives of the Institutes and other university divisions, students and volunteers. It opened with the flowers tribute ceremony in front of the plaque on one of the campus buildings commemorating faculty and staff memebers who were killed in the II World War.

160 gifts were delivered in course of the action. The veterans expressed gratitutde and urged to preserve the memory of the war's pain, suffering and loses due to which we are able enjoy peaceful and happy lives today.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought some changes to the V-day celebrations agenda. Thus, many of the events have to be held online. However, we are going to get together on this great day so that the memory of the war and its lessons lives on. It is our duty to take care of the surviving veterans and witnesses, express our thankfulness and respect to them.

Г.В. Мерзлякова и волонтеры Г.В. Мерзлякова у мемориала Г.В. Мерзляковапоздравляет детей войны Ректор поздравляет детей войны