The Russian Government Congratulated Scientists on the Day of Russian Science

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Dmitry Falkov said the following addressing all the Russian researchers:

“This is a special, unifying holiday for all of us. The outstanding discoveries of Russian scientists and engineers have more than once set the pace for scientific and technological progress of all the mankind. We are the heirs of a huge intellectual tradition, internationally recognized scientific schools.

Today we are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Its history is a continuous accumulation of knowledge and comprehension of the laws of nature, in the 20th century it is a powerful industrial breakthrough in our country and truly incredible achievements - penetration into the most remote eras and corners of the world, the conquest of space and the ocean depths, immersion in the secrets of the atom and the earth.

Since the time of the founder of the Academy - Emperor Peter the Great - Russian science has served as a reliable support for the country in the most difficult times. Dmitry Mendeleev developed plans for the industrial development of Donbass. Nikolai Pirogov used his knowledge to save the lives of the defenders of besieged Sevastopol, and Igor Kurchatov created an entire energy industry and provided the Soviet Union with strategic parity in the field of nuclear weapons.

The pride of Russia is our Nobel laureates – Ivan Sechenov, Aleksadr Butlerov, Leonid Kantorovich, and many others. Among them is the outstanding chemist Nikolai Semenov, whose name is associated with the creation of the theory of chemical chain reactions.

The Russian government undertakes enormous efforts to support you, scientists. The government supports projects within the framework of the Decade of Science and Technology, investments in updating scientific infrastructure, new youth laboratories and grant programs. To devote yourself to science means to remain young forever. Always look beyond the horizon, do not stop there, live a lofty dream of truth. Science is a calling, a life choice available to few.

With all my heart I wish you new discoveries, inexhaustible energy and creative inspiration!

Happy holiday, dear colleagues.”

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko noted in his congratulations that “science today is working to fulfill the practical tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin to achieve technological sovereignty, providing a connection between education, scientific developments, and technological entrepreneurship for the successful implementation of specific projects. This applies to such areas as genetics, biology, physics, thermonuclear energy, artificial intelligence and other areas.”