Spanish Student Got UdSU Diploma!

Udmurt State University and University of Granada (Spain) has been cooperating for 25 years already. A variety of joint projects includes academic exchange, joint scientific and research activity and works, international conferences and others.

Thanks to a strong partnership in the sphere of philology, and mutual interest, in 2012 another joint project was launched – a double degree diploma program in Philology (specialization “Modern foreign languages and literature” in University of Granada and specialization “Applied philology (Russian)” in UdSU). UdSU students of the Institute of Language and Literature, majoring in Russian, and UGR students of the Department of Slavic Philology study on curricular terms of both the universities, and spend their third year of studies in the partner university under an academic mobility scheme.

Since 2015 the program is partly financed in the framework of the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility program (two UdSU students and two UGR students are given scholarships).

From 2012 until present 8 UGR students and 12 UdSU students have already completed the whole course of study. Ten UdSU students will receive or have already received URG diplomas and eight UGR students received UdSU diplomas.

In the autumn of 2019 another UGR graduate got UdSU diploma. It is a participant of the double degree diploma program Yaiza Quinto Zaplana. During the 2017-2018 academic year she studied at UdSU Institute of Language and Literature and successfully passed all the exams. Our congratulations!

On the picture: Simon Suarez Cuadroz, Head of the Department of Slavic Philology of UGR and Yaiza Quinto Zaplana.

Yaiza Quinto Zaplana eith UdSU Diploma