Russia - UdSU - Uzbekistan: building bridges

Today the world is celebrating the Museums Day, and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Tashkent is inviting everybody to join the online excursion to the Museum Estate of P.I.Tchaikovski in Votkinsk city, dedicated to the 180 anniversary of the great Russian composer.

The virtual tour gives an opportunity to walk around the old mansion, see the relics which surrounded the composer during his childhood years: the first piano he played, the icon under which he was delivered into this world. Visitors are told fascinating stories from Tchaikovski's childhood, family tales. They are introduced to the activities of one of the biggest museums in Udmurtia, its international projects, publications, conferences and exhibitions.

Uzbek general public got access to the legacy of the Russian musical genius thanks to the long-established cooperation between Tchaikovski's museum and the Udmurt State University.