Meeting of UdSU Rector and International Students of Pre-University Courses

On November 28 the UdSU Rector had a meeting with the students studying Russian a s a foreign language at UdSU.

The meeting was held in Russian. International students from different countries (such as Bolivia, Spain, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Tadjikistan, and Uzbekistan) shared their experience of learning Russian and thoughts about their future enrollment. Many of them are going to enroll Udmurt State University. They noted not only the quality of teaching Russian and other subjects, but also effective sociocultural support of the university staff.

The students expressed their gratitude to the professors and told about their achievements which would be impossible without professors’ help and support.

UdSU Rector, Galina V. Merzlyakova thanked the students for their responsible attitude towards studying and wished them success in preparing for enrollment exams.

You can find more pictures from the event in the group of our International Students Club: vk.com/album-75954634_267504178

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