Welcome Meeting with English and Hungarian Lecturers at UdSU

On October 8, 2019 Vice-rector for Education and Extra-curricular Activities of the Udmurt State University Mikhail Kibardin had a welcome meeting with the English and Hungarian language teachers’ assistants at UdSU.

Meetings like this are held annually at the beginning of an academic year in order to get acquainted and to discuss plans for the current academic year related to the teaching and organization of various events in foreign languages for students and faculty.

During the 2019-2020 academic year the Hungarian Governmental program fellow, Soma Selmeczy, will keep on teaching Hungarian at UdSU Institute of Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism. Abigail Gipson, a Fulbright ETA fellow, will teachEnglish for students of the UdSU Institute of Languages and Literature and for non-linguistic students.

To learn more about the UdSU current foreign languages lecturers and events, visit our webpage Лекторы иностранных языков.

Встреча с лекторами иностранных языков 1 Встреча с лекторами иностранных языков 2