The “Jean Monnet Module” grant project successfully implemented

In 2019 the international academic and scientific society including some universities in the RF celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Jean Monnet grant programmes run by EU. The programme aims to encourage teaching and research in the area of European integration.

At the end of 2019 the grant provider recognized the project of implementing the educational module ‘European experience of Innovative Culture and IPR: Communicative aspects (EICIPRC)’ as successfully completed. The project was implemented for three years since 2016 and was led by Prof. I.A. Latypov (official site of the project www.jm-module-latypov.org).

Besides teaching the academic module on European innovative culture and intellectual property to 36 students and faculty of the Institute of Social Communications, the project yielded research publications, some round table discussions and scientific seminars and the Final Conference. The report on EICIPRC project results was published in the West-East annual journal (west-east.marsu.ru). According to the report, the UdSU project is one of the best practices of ‘Jean Monnet Module’ programme realization in Russia.