«Suomi-keskus» – new center of friendship, education and science

On February 26 the ceremonial opening of Scientific and Educational Center of Finnish Language and Culture “Suomi-keskus” took place at the UdSU Institute of Udmurt Language, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism. The ceremony was preceded by lecture delivered by Sari Eriksson – the representative of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Finnish Embassy in Moscow, the Advisor on the Educational and Scientific Policy. Many honored guests attended the opening among them the UdSU Rector Galina V. Merzlyakova, UR Education and Science Deputy Minister Irina G. Krokhina, the representative of the UR National Policy Ministry Alena I. Kalinina, and others.

Everybody was unanimous in emphasizing the importance of the new center for conducting the sustainable educational, research and innovation activities pertaining to Finnish language and culture. Moreover, the Suomi-keskus is meant to become the major resource center for cooperation between the Udmurt Republic and Finland. And one of the early signs of this is the financial support provided by the Finnish National Education Agency for opening the center.

Some projects which could be implemented through the Suomi-keskus center were put forward during the round-table meeting following the opening ceremony.

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