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International Week at UdSU, November 13-17

UdSU International Week is held annualy by joint efforts of International Relations Office, Deputy Directors for International Relations of UdSU Institutes, and all students/teaching staff, both Russian and foreign, actively involved in academic exchange programs, international projects and research activitites.

The purpose of the International Week is to create informational and learning space for sharing research and educational experience spanning the world, to update the audience on new trends and opportunities in the area of international cooperation.

A series of events will be held throughout the week between November 13 and 17. Among them information and training seminars, workshops, artistic performances, discussion clubs, open lectures etc. devoted to such topics as student/teaching staff mobility, international grants for academic staff and HEIs, curriculum internatioanlization, adaptation program for international students etc.

The detailed program of the Week (in Russian) can be found here:


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